Just Get on the Billie Eilish Bandwagon Now. Trust Me.

There’s impressive and there’s, “Holy crap that’s incredibly good!” You can probably guess where I’m going with this. So just get on the Billie Eilish bandwagon now. Trust me. Billie and her brother Phineas have just got it going on. Musically, everything from top to bottom. The songwriting, the production and the music! All of it.

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If you dig music I don’t know how you can’t dig what these two are doing. The vocals alone! Not autotuned into oblivion. The melodies. The emotion. The real instruments. All of it is so damned good!

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So, maybe you’re late to the party. That’s cool. You have a bunch of great stuff to catch up on. Ya lucky. Here’s a little primer.

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2 comments on “Just Get on the Billie Eilish Bandwagon Now. Trust Me.

  1. Danielle says:

    This made me LOL for reals. LOL She whines, not sings first off. Secondly, she has ZERO power in her voice. She literally can only sing one way, and every song sounds the same. Lots of musicians use “real instruments” so not sure where you were going with that. 😀 Most of her songs sound exactly the same. Her music is literally made for depressed teenage girls who lay in their bed at night wallowing in their sorrow listening to this monotonous garbage in their earbuds. This is great music for people with emotional issues as it fuels their depression, but not for the rest of us that don’t like to listen to grown women whine. 😀

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      HA! Soooo…. you’re saying you’re a big fan and have all her albums? I kid! Who are you listening to? Who is killing it in the music game?

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