Facebook Bans Trump Again?

Today was the big day. The Facebook Oversight Board came to a decision about the Trump ban. Well..,kind of. Did Facebook ban Trump again? Don’t worry. Comedian Michael Loftus has it all figured out. Well…kind of. It’s a mixed bag really.

The Loftus Party did find some insights and some comedy. So there’s that. The rules on social media can be frustrating but at least we can laugh, right?

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Here’s what everyone is missing in the story of Facebook banning Trump. You ready? I’ll just spoil the video right here. The social media giant has painted itself into a corner. Facebook puts together its little “supreme court” to reach a decision about the Trump ban. The FB supreme court then tell FB (paraphrasing), “Your rules are too vague. You need to clearly define why you ban people AND you need to clearly define the punishment for breaking the rules. You have 6 months to do so.” That’s good, people.

Social media love having murky rules. That allows them to kick people off platforms just because they don’t like them or what they’re saying. That’s no bueno. By clearly defining the rules, that gives people a way to fight back. It makes it hard for Big Tech to just throw people off the platform.

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Is it outrageous they banned Trump? Yes. Totally. However, I think he’ll be allowed back in 6 months (if he wants to go back to FB) and we’ll have clearly defined “rules” and “codes of conduct.” That’s a good thing for everyone.

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