Florida Man Returns in New Novel AND Graphic Novel!

Gary and Krystal are back for more zaniness and outrageous escapades in Catfish Calling, the third novel in Mike Baron’s Florida Man series. On top of this, the first graphic novel documenting their adventures is here too!

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If you aren’t familiar with the Florida Man series of novels, they are not for the faint-hearted or for people looking for a clean read.

But fans of the series sure enjoy it. Catfish Calling is the third entry in the prose series of novels.

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Here’s a little bit more about the novel.

As Gary and Krystal drag Prince Larry and Princess Regan, through the mud, a snapping turtle latches on to the prince’s manhood and a debate breaks out on whether to release the video.

Will it help or hurt the Royal Ducats?

Gary brawls with a man in a bunny suit at Wacky World. Venezuelans use Gary’s property for drug deals. Legendary dadaist Claude Balls stuns the world with his creations. Leotis, a giant Mekong catfish, becomes Gary’s friend and advisor, but only Gary can see the painfully shy Leotis – perhaps it was that cane toad Gary licked. Krystal trains to fight Lucha Libre sensation Javelina.

And if that wasn’t enough, Baron and Florida Man Comics have now published the first graphic novel featuring Gary and his compatriots. This comic book adapts the adventures found in the first prose novel of the series.

Catfish Calling and the Florida Man graphic novel are available now from Amazon and Florida Man Comics.

Top Image: Excerpt of ‘Catfish Calling’ cover.

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