How to Cook a Ribeye Steak on Cast Iron

Go ahead and commit this one to memory. How to cook a ribeye steak on cast iron. You’ll thank me later. I’m telling you right now, this is the best way to go when it comes to cooking steak. Yes, the grill method is fun and tasty. Not going to argue that. I’m talking about results. Cast iron is the way to go. And it’s so easy! Insane!

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Now, I’d like to bitch juuuuust a little about this video. Don’t start your clip with, “Only using two ingredients: salt and pepper,” and then proceed to add a third ingredient! I want to punch you in the head. Especially when the third ingredient is rosemary! Screw you. I have a steak and some salt and pepper. I’m not running to the store for a fist full of rosemary.

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While I’m at it? Fuck rosemary. It’s a lazy person’s spice. It’s overpowering and the only reason chefs use it is because it shows up well on video. Big green hunks of tree branches. And people ALWAYS use too much! Always! Stay away from rosemary ya hacks! Just use salt, pepper and butter in the cast iron skillet. You’ll be happy. And I saved you a trip to the store for flipping BS rosemary.

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