Let Men Compete in Women’s Sports after All

I used to oppose allowing men to compete in women’s sports. But I’ve changed my mind. And you might want to do so as well. After all, if we allow men to compete in women’s sports it will effectively resolve one of the most pressing issues of our day: professional female athletes demanding that they receive “equal pay.” Here’s what I mean.

For the past few years, the ruling class has been pushing to have men compete in women’s sports. Noise has increased lately, with our rulers squealing with delight about men winning women’s weightlifting competitions, and about how men will likely compete against women during the Olympics.

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They aren’t going to stop chasing this dream and perhaps it’s time we stopped fighting them on it. Maybe we should give them what they want. Indeed, I said the same thing last year.

In 2020, I wrote that America “wants women fighting in combat alongside men,” and since that was the case, then there was no reason to oppose men and women competing against one another in the trivial matter of sports. I continue holding that position and now I have another reason for doing so: my desire to resolve the issue of equal pay for professional female athletes.

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Men competing in women’s sports will result in men dominating them. And the more men dominate them, the more men will join them and the more women they will push out. Soon, there will be few or no women left in female athletics. Then there will be no more screeching about how great of an injustice it is that women don’t receive equal pay compared to male athletes. After all, there simply won’t be enough females making any money from playing sports that anyone will care about the issue at all.

So let’s all come together in unity and solve one (or two, depending on how you look at it) of the most pressing issues of our day. Let’s put men in women’s sports.

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