Processed Foods, Like Spam, Changed the World for the Better

So we’re all supposed to hate processed foods and only eat natural stuff now. Fine. I get it. But processed foods aren’t evil. In fact, processed foods changed the world for the better. Spam is a great example.

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Before we had all our wonderful technology like refrigeration and the ability to grow and transport fresh food anywhere our hearts desired, it could be difficult to get unspoiled food to people. And at times, that could be a life or death issue. And then mankind figured out how to produce processed foods that could be safely stored for relatively long periods of time. Suddenly, millions of people were able to get more food than they had ever gotten before.

The story of Spam is an interesting one. How much is true? I don’t know. But watch the above video. And, yes, I still eat this mystery meat (it’s actually pork) from time-to-time.

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As an added bonus, below is another video featuring Spam, and co-starring Gordon Ramsay (language warning).


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