Mother of All Parties on July 2 at The America First Warehouse!

Here we go! The Loftus Party has teamed up with The America First Warehouse and Republican Reset PAC to throw the Mother of All Parties on July 2 at The America First Warehouse. It’s going to be an absolute blast that you won’t want to miss. Holy crap. You better start hydrating now and get your patriotic booty ready to shake!

We got food, booze, and a live comedy show with Michael Loftus and Brian Haner (The Guitar Guy). Plus, we have special guests! We got DJ Luke keeping things pumping on the dancefloor. We got more food, booze and desserts! You’ll need that sugar rush from all the calories you burned on the dance floor!

We’ll be handing out awards for the hottest car and motorcycle!

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We got the best Trump impersonator on Planet Earth: Tommy Trump! You’ll swear the Donald was in the house! We LOVE this guy!

Best of all: We’re passing the hat and taking donations to “Back the Blue”! All money raised goes to BLUE911, a police suicide prevention program.

So you just show up, party down and help raise money for a great cause! July 2 baby!!

The America First Warehouse: 90 13th Ave, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. Doors open at 6pm. Things get crazy at 8pm. For more info and to get your name on the list, email Joethebox AT theamericafirstwarehouse DOT com.

Let’s go!

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2 comments on “Mother of All Parties on July 2 at The America First Warehouse!

  1. Denise Bermudez says:

    What’s the event for this Saturday Dec 4th?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      It’s a comedy/sketch show. Saturday will be a test run for our streaming service. You can watch live at and subscribe! Tell yo friends! Yay!

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