Save Some Cash on Our Sweetass Merch!

We got chew covered ya sexy heathens. Here’s all the info on how you can save some cash on our sweetass The Loftus Party merch! Yup. It’s a promo code! That’s how you know you’re legit, by the way. You offer a promo code on merch!

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So when you hit The Loftus Party store, enter the code HEATWAVE and you’ll save money baby! This code works for every item in the store! Skadoosh. But don’t wait too long. The offer is only good through July 5th. Yikes!

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Now, go get yourself a shirt. Use promocode HEATWAVE and send us a pic of you looking amazing in it! Whatever you get? We want pics! Send ’em to:

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2 comments on “Save Some Cash on Our Sweetass Merch!

  1. Phoenix Hettinger says:

    Please!!! Make an iPhone case with “Official Loftus Party Sexy Heathen” on it. I NEED one for my phone!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Ohhhhh! That is a quality idea! Thanks! We need some cool phone cases! You’re a champ! Thank you!

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