Should We Fire the Thousands of Teachers Pledging to Defy Anti-Critical Race Theory Law?

This news is disturbing and also quite predictable. Thousands of teachers signed a pledge to defy anti-critical race theory laws. They should probably all be fired. Today. What other profession can vow to just break the law? Without repercussions. Maybe they technically have to wait until a law is broken? But let’s prepare ourselves to cut these people loose the instant they choose to do whatever they want. Like teaching a theory that many states have said no to.

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The teachers are claiming they are being told to lie about U.S. history. Meanwhile, concerned parents don’t want critical race theory taught in schools as it looks at history through a racial lens. That’s an attempt to simplify the discussion. This isn’t so much a post about critical race theory as it is about teachers openly stating they will do whatever they please and the law can just be ignored. Not a good look.

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Who decides what your kid learns in school? We think that choice is primarily up to the parents. The parents are in charge. Not the teachers. To be blunt: teachers are the hired help. Parents employ them because they are too busy to do the job themselves. Again. A simplification to be sure. But hopefully you get the point: teachers work for parents. Not the other way around.

Evidently this needs to be stated way more clearly. You simply cannot teach whatever you want to somebody’s child. That’s criminal. And when you as a teacher sign a pledge to do that very thing? You gotta go. You need to be fired.

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