Spectacular Artwork of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

Artist Olivia De Berardinis, professionally known as Olivia, is an artist who focuses on women—pinups, burlesque, and warriors. And on July 9, she showcased a diamond dust print of mixed media artwork she created of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. It is spectacularly good.

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Olivia is selling the artwork (via her website) as a diamond dust print, and she described it on her Instagram account as mixed media. “Serigraphy designed by me & created with master printers @montanimals , @jtallacksen and @ivanalpuche at @modernmultiples.” She added that, “These are 27×40″ mixed media fine art print (33.75×46.25″ with frame ​by @parkerjordanfineart.”

The portrayal of Pfeiffer as Catwoman is stunningly lifelike. And fans of Olivia, Catwoman, and Batman will definitely want to look at it.

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If you’re considering purchasing a print, prices start at $3,250.00.

Top Image: Excerpt of Olivia’s artwork of Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

2 comments on “Spectacular Artwork of Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

  1. The Mgmt. says:

    ok… that’s really cool. AND I should add Michelle Pfeifer was probably the best Catwoman. There… I said it.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      She’s fantastic. The outfit really helps. As to all time best and closest to comics? Gotta go with Catwoman from Arkham Asylum video games.

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