How to Light Your Grill the All Natural Brazilian Way!

Sounds kinda sexy, right? How to light your grill the all natural Brazilian way!

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Ohhh, Brazilian! Didn’t they invent the thong? Will there be booty? Or is this something even more mystical? What secrets will be revealed when we discover the all natural Brazilian method of lighting grills?

Now, mind you, the title of this video as presented on YouTube is: “The Best Way to Light a Charcoal Grill.” So, that’s a lot of build up. Not only is it the BEST…it’s also Brazilian! Holy fuck balls! What are we about to witness? Gird your loins…and grills! Here we go!! Ready? Put olive oil on a paper towel…then add charcoal…then light it on fire. (Cue sad trombone.) Womp, womp, waaahhhh.

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Now don’t get it twisted. This looks like it’d work. For real. Is it the secret to Brazilian grilling? No. Would it work? Sure. We’ll give kudos to the dude who made the video. Good job, buddy. That title legit worked. Guess what else? We’ll probably try it too! Ha!

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