Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Reacting to Ryan Reynolds’s New Trailer for ‘Free Guy’

In the world of inside jokes, it’s hard to beat Ryan Reynolds. Dude has a new promo out and it’s worth a watch. It’s Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool reacting to Ryan Reynolds in the trailer for the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy.

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The promo department must have shit several bricks at just what a good idea this was. This is the mother lode of promotion. You get promo for Deadpool. Promo for Disney. Promo for Marvel. Promo for Free Guy. It’s an orgy of promotion! Holy crap!

Not sure who else could pull this off besides Ryan Reynolds. His sense of humor seems to be a one hundred percent match for the character of Deadpool and anyone else would probably just look stupid even trying.

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Big shoutout to Taika Waititi who fits right in and makes himself at home in the Deadpool world. Funny dudes.

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