Art Corner – The Artistic Stylings of Hunter Biden

Editor’s Note: We’ve welcomed noted art critic, Girard Le Cranque to write a piece for The Loftus Party to give his expert opinion on the works of Hunter Biden.

When one looks at Hunter Biden’s artwork, one is filled with a certain je ne sais quoi. Here we have a playboy millionaire who is simultaneously the smartest person a President of the United States knows and a troubled soul who snorts the Cheetos out of a shag rug.

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Enter the art of Hunter Biden. Both artistically competent and deeply contemplative, Mssr. Biden’s work in the much maligned Blow Painting medium shows that he mastered the use of a straw, both in blowing and snorting. On a metaphysical level, perhaps the “blow” serves as a reminder of his deep appreciation of straws–thus connecting the art to the artist.

Let’s dive into his works.

Quid Pro Quo, Watercolor

In Quid Pro Quo, the viewer is drawn into a universe of possibility. Each sphere representing a ovum of opportunity. Which one will hatch into a board position? Will another lead to introducing daddy to an oligarch? The mind boggles at the possibilities. The mind boggles.

Bangin’ a Russian Hooker, Part II

Despite its callous name, this work underscores Mssr. Biden’s depth and pathos. The tortures of a three-night cocaine and meth fueled sexual bender are expressed in explosive reds evocative of fireworks and a rose in full bloom simultaneously. The viewer is teased with both beauty and a massive hangover. The juxtaposition is enough to take this critic’s breath away.

I Scratch

Finally, let’s take a deep look into possibly his best work, I Scratch. What motivates the artist? We don’t know. Is it love in the age of Covid? Is it a petri dish? Regardless, it’s a focus on the miniscule, like how you will get the $2,000 to pay off your callgirl’s pimp who incessantly calls you. The colors are cool and the lines are energetic. They draw you into the need to call your Secret Service guard and pull you out of a frenetic situation.

In all, Hunter Biden is a gifted man. I predict that Chinese princelings will find his work resonates within their souls and lavish accolades and Yuan upon him.

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