Conservatives on Twitter Compete in ‘Giant Waste of Time’ Competition after Adult Film Performer Gets Booted From Convention

Over the weekend, conservatives on Twitter decided to participate in a giant waste of time competition. The event kicked off when self-described “porn star” Brandi Love was uninvited from a Turning Point USA function. Then the virtue signaling, attention seeking, total waste of brain power went full throttle. Warp factor 9. It continues even now.

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Maybe I’m no better than the people I look to criticize because here I am writing an article about what an absolute farce this is. The whole thing is just too maddening. Allow me to scream this in all caps: THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO!

I give zero shits about who attends a TPUSA conference. Unless someone is there to disrupt the event, let them participate. People act as if the “porn star” was there to film scenes for her Only Fans account. I highly doubt that was the case. (And can we just address the whole “porn star” thing? Let’s just stop throwing around that term like bread crumbs for pigeons. Not every person who makes an adult video is a “porn star.” Just like not every actor in Hollywood is a movie star. Just a personal pet peeve.)

If an adult film performer wants to go to a convention about politics, what’s the problem? Let me know if she starts setting up cameras and banging people in the lobby. Then we have a problem. I doubt very much if that was going to be the case.

So, Brandi Love, a grown-ass woman who makes a living in the adult entertainment industry gets booted from TPUSA and tweets about it and everybody on the right starts arguing about what it means to be conservative or some such bullshit. We’re on day three of this utter waste of time. Is there nothing else to figure out? Is America in such awesome shape we’re going to waste effort on deciding if a woman who has sex on camera is allowed to attend an event about conservatism?

Evidently you see no problem at the border. Government spending seems to be fine. No issue with voting laws or elections. Critical race theory in grade school? We all good? Yay! Now let’s get down to the REAL issue of “adult film actresses attending right-leaning conventions.” FINALLY! That seems to be what’s happening across Twitter for the last few days. Relatively intelligent people arguing about, “What it REALLY means to be a conservative,” and, “Who REALLY stands for conservative principles.” Shut the fuck up.

What is wrong with you people? You KNOW this is a waste of time and energy. Why are you continuing this absolutely fruitless debate?

I’ll tell ya: because it’s about sex. End of story. That is all this is. The whole bullshit “waste of time competition” on Twitter gives these Brainiac Blue Checks an excuse to talk about sex. This isn’t about conservatism. It’s about people who never have the courage to talk about banging, blow jobs and butt stuff finally getting their moment in the sexy, sexy sun. They can weigh in on “how cool they are” and call each other prudes. For one brief shining moment they can feel edgy and maybe a little naughty…hooray…good for you. We need to move on now. Hope you got mildly aroused for a nanosecond. This will certainly give you something to talk about at the next boring as fuck convention you attend. You can sit at the lobby bar and remind everyone about the time you were super edgy on Twitter by letting people know your thoughts on porn.

Guess what? Whatever side of this BS you’re on? You thoughts are boring and predictable. And guess what else? There are more important issues like PERSONAL FREEDOM to fight for.

I don’t care what you do for a living. Is it legal? Then we’re good. That’s it. Everyone else can shut the fuck up. Don’t judge me and I wont judge you. Welcome aboard. It’s a big tent.

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2 comments on “Conservatives on Twitter Compete in ‘Giant Waste of Time’ Competition after Adult Film Performer Gets Booted From Convention

  1. Gryph says:

    THIS is why I am fed up with both sides.
    Childish squirrel chasers, the completely ignore the REAL problems US citizens face.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      That’s why us ‘normal’ (ha!) people need to get louder. Common sense people unite! LOL

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