Ben & Jerry’s Woke Flavors

In Ben & Jerry’s quest to be the most socially just social justice warriors, they have announced that they will not sell their ice cream in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. It’s consistent with their mission to support every far-left cause in the name of social justice, not to be confused with the thing we call “justice”.

The boss has some thoughts.

We learned this morning that their Independent Board wanted to boycott the entire state of Israel but the Unilever big-wigs thought that was too much and shut that down.

This author, in a sincere effort to not turn this post in to an act of tearing new tuchuses into Ben, Jerry and their company, will instead resort to mockery.

The NPC market is surprisingly neglected.
Top of the line ice cream for bottom rung people
Well if we can stuff this in Acosta’s hole, he might shut up.

I’m trying to come up with a couple of my own but you’d be surprised how unrhymable “Uyghur Genocide” or “Support Burning Down Urban Centers” are.

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