Clapton Won’t Do a Show if Vaccine Is Required

British lawmakers recently called on all citizens to present proof of vaccinations before going to crowded events. Eric Clapton then reacted with a firm “F you,” stating he won’t do a show anywhere such a vaccine requirement is in place. Skadoosh.

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You gotta admire Clapton for hanging tough on this one. It seems like it’s only Clapton and Van Morrison who are bucking the system and going their own way. Are these guys the only true rock n roll rebels left? It’s hard to believe that in an industry like music there’s only two dudes telling the authorities to go screw themselves.

We kind of thought that was a big part of being an artist. You forge your own path. When you find yourself going with the flow, you get the hell out of the flow! Once upon a time, that was the life of an artist. Doing your own thing. Looks like now we at least know who the posers are. It’s everyone except Van Morrison and Eric Clapton.

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