Blondie on Sunday Jams

Hell, yeah! Blondie on Sunday Jams! Now hold onto your hats ’cause this may rock your world.

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Once upon a time Blondie was considered, edgy, punk, underground and dangerous. Yup. I’ll admit that was some of the appeal for yours truly. And let’s not underestimate the appeal of Debbie Harry. Come on! She’s fantastic with a whole different level of cool and sexy.

Mostly, though, it was the music. The sound. Blondie was just it. While other bands were all about anger and punk rock energy, Blondie was doing something with the same energy but it sounded good. There was a melody. That made all the difference to me.

So here’s to ya Blondie. Your shit still sounds great! Of course, we tried to go a little deeper in our picks but yes…it would be a sin not to include “Heart of Glass.” Classic. Debbie Harry just being drop dead sexy singing to the camera. Come on!

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