Britain Wants to Monitor What You Eat. Social Credit Coming to UK?

Britain is about to set out on a very dangerous path by introducing an app that will monitor what families are buying in the grocery store. Buy healthy stuff? Get rewarded with “Loyalty Points.” Buy “unhealthy?” Well, obviously, no points for you. How dare you? It’s the U.K.’s version of China’s social credit system and it’s shocking that Britain would even toy around with the idea, let alone implement it.

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In China, Big Brother monitors your behavior and if you comply and are a “good citizen” you get rewarded. You can do stuff like travel. However, if you’re not doing stuff they like, well, obviously no travel for you! It’s a high tech way to not only monitor but change behavior of the populace. It’s a system that corrals its people like sheep or, better yet, Pavlov’s dogs. And it’s coming to Britain.

Some would say it’s already in the U.S. as well. Say the wrong thing on Facebook and you get punished. Now you’re not allowed to participate on social media. Say the wrong thing on YouTube and get demonetized. That’s social credit too. Think the wrong thing and you get in trouble.

It’s all deeply disturbing to say the least. We don’t like it. Not one little bit.

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