Tour Dates!

You know we’re hitting the road.

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Ya know we had to get back on stage and continue to sling some new jokes. Sure I did a stand up special during the height of the Wuhan madness. But now I’m legit taking it to the peeps.

Come on out ya sexy heathens! We’ll be adding more dates soon. Keep checking back and hopefully we can have a laugh in your town. Let’s do dis! — The Mgmt

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2 comments on “Tour Dates!

  1. dennis donovan says:

    i am a fan of mr loftus. i also really wish that an intelligent, enterprising comedic producer would create a rework of David Frost’s That Was the Week That Was, using actors that imitate prominent news personalities to lampoon current events and characters. For example Palki Sharma, Sean Hannity, Piers Morgan. A weekly installment would have plenty of writing time. Anyway, i hope the assistant reading this agrees with me, providing he/she is not too young to imagine it. Nobody is currrently using this format .

    thank you for your consideration

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      That would be great! Might have to look into that. Thanks so much!

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