She Tried to Kill Her Husband with Poison & Oral Sex. What?

You read that correctly. Here we go, ready? There’s a woman who was so fed up with her husband’s refusal to grant her a divorce, she tried to kill him by putting poison on her vagina and having him perform oral sex on her. Yup. That happened.

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Now, evidently the would-be murderer wasn’t the brainiac she thought herself to be. The husband noticed a strange odor and didn’t do the deed. In fact, he thought something was so wrong he took her to the hospital. That’s where the plot was discovered. What’s more? He probably saved her life! The vagina isn’t poison proof. She had effectively poisoned herself. Yikes.

Not sure where they landed on the divorce but I think the dude should get out. This doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. Ya know?

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