The Rolling Stones Tribute to Charlie Watts. This Is the One to Watch.

Here’s The Rolling Stones video tribute to Charlie Watts. It was posted on Twitter by Mick Jagger today. In my opinion it’s just about perfect. A wonderful retrospective of the man’s life that isn’t maudlin, but gives you a sense of who Charlie was. At least with the Stones. Which, come on…that was a big part of it. Decades.

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I won’t do a frame-by-frame breakdown but I would like to point out some parts that I thought stood out. Charlie’s face when he’s annoyed with Mick at the photo shoot. Charlie’s self-invented warm up routine before a show. The dance moves that he said Keith Richards always took delight in. All the smiles. The laughing with Ronnie. And the head nod from Keith with smiles all around.

The passing of Charlie Watts is really lingering with me. I’ve been kind of mulling it over quite a lot since the news broke and I think I know why. Charlie wasn’t a fuck up. He didn’t have any kind of a reputation for being anything but a great musician and craftsman. For decades the focus was on Mick or Keith. Always someone else. Charlie just showed up and got it done. Didn’t phone it in. Never slacked. Always did his best. Year after year after year. That’s a champ. That’s a dude who is someone to look up to. Charlie Watts. God bless ya buddy.

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