Biden Goes Full Orwell on Vax Mandate

Joe Biden just went full 1984 George Orwell on his vaccine mandate executive order. He’s all done waiting. Now the expectation is: Do what I say, or else. Not very American, huh? More…Orwellian if you ask me. Here’s what he wants/demands: All federal employees get the vax. Or else. Contractors doing business with the federal government get the vax or else. Those groups can’t even test out. But wait, there’s more! Joe also wants every employer who has more than 100 employees to be forced to get the vax…or else. The only upside is that you can opt for a weekly test.

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To say this rubs me the wrong way is an understatement. Now, admittedly, I’m not a doctor. I’m just a dude. But why the mandate? Are we certain the vax is getting us the results we want? Israel is vaxxed to the max and they are seeing cases skyrocket too! They’re on their 3rd shot! And what about Sweden? There cases are so low as to be a non-issue. Why aren’t we comparing and contrasting? I know this sounds like some home-spun shit, but as far as I know, vaxxed people are running around with massive viral loads. So…aren’t they the super spreaders? And as I understand it, the only way emergency use of a vaccine is in play is if they isn’t an available treatment. So are we all done treating covid? Is it all or nothing with the vax?

Here’s another thing. What if the government is WRONG? What then? You can’t even sue. So in closing, fuck these people and their executive orders. Fuck their threats and arm twisting. I very much look forward to a zillion lawsuits.

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2 comments on “Biden Goes Full Orwell on Vax Mandate

  1. Raymond Sawicki says:

    All this started during FDRs administration, He interned patriotic Japanese citizens and stole there land and property and interned them, My party under Obama-Biden is Orwell 1984.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      FDR was a nightmare. Really bad stuff

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