Emails Show CDC Changed Mask Guidelines after Threats from Teachers Unions

This drives us nuts. Who’s making the decisions? Are we really “following the science?” Or are we at the mercy of teachers unions? Feels like the latter. Especially after reading about how the CDC changed its mask guidelines after threats from teachers unions. What the hell?

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We’re all sick of this shit. Every common sense loving American will do the right thing when it comes to ending the Wuhan. But it’s crap like this that sets everyone’s efforts back lightyears! Can we please just follow the legit science? Please? Don’t run it through a filter. Don’t use it as leverage. Just do actual science and let us get on with our lives.

This email story is highly distressing. What in the hell are we doing? This can’t be allowed to continue. How much damage is being done right now because the teachers unions don’t like something? Did we vote for this? Is this democracy? Nope. Not even close.

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