Meme Roundup – Your Crazy Uncle Joe Edition

Well, what would a day ending in “y” be without a President Biden gaffe? Fresh from this morning’s September 11th memorial service we were treated to this, begging us for a meme.

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Please meme me, ya donkey-faced corn gobbler!

And boy did the Twitters deliver.

A gaffe within a gaffe – gaffe Inception!
Well, that’s what I heard.
No, Joe, playtime is AFTER the lid.
No, Joe didn’t mean that in the racist way.
Guest meme from 44.
And one for the #StillWithHer crowd.
Hey, it’s my post.
The Grand Unification of all Biden Memes.

UPDATES! You guys do not disappoint!

4 comments on “Meme Roundup – Your Crazy Uncle Joe Edition

  1. Maria Dreisziger says:

    I could almost feel sorry for the poor bastard if he were not such a pervert and sleaze bag. He is not fit to be president and everyone knows it. I hope there is somebody with brains watching over him. God help the USA for the next four years if not.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Im with you.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice pic of the all the bad actors back in power. Where was GW?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      good question

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