‘Finch’ Trailer: Tom Hanks, ‘WALL-E’ & ‘Castaway’ Had a Baby!

We’re kind of taken aback by this trailer for Finch. What in the world is going on here? Sure, it’s got Tom Hanks. That’s always a good thing. But why did he say yes to Finch? This seems like “familiar territory” to put it mildly.

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Hanks is all alone after a solar flare destroys everything and he’s only got the one friend. A dog. Just go ahead and name the dog Wilson at this point. At least tip your cap to Castaway. We’re ALL thinking it. Now things get awkward. In the trailer. The talking robot. Ouch. How many people think that robot is going to know more about being “human” than Finch? All of us? Good.

Now the trailer does its best to tug at your heartstrings so we know this: somebody’s gonna die. Finch? Dog? Robot? My money is on robot although there’s a good chance it’s Finch. (Shock!) Is the future of humanity robots and dogs?

Here’s the sad part: I’ll watch. Just to see what Hanks does with this thing. Tom still has that star power. I’ll watch. I’ll be yelling sarcastic comments at the screen but I’ll watch.

Finch is available on Apple TV November 5.

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