‘Dune’ – Final Trailer (We’ll Be Needing That 2nd Movie)

We got your final trailer for Dune. The movie comes out October 22nd. Based on what we’re seeing in these trailers, we’ll be needing that 2nd movie.

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Dune is such a big story you need at least 2 movies to do it any justice. So, why in the world would you only make one? This is part 1 of a PLANNED 2-part adaptation. PLANNED…that’s never good. When you really believe in something, you go for it. Lord of the Rings? Anyone? 3 movies…boom, boom, boom. Can you imagine if the movies stopped after Fellowship? Insanity. That’s a crime against humanity. There would be trials and everything. Ha!

So, let’s go ahead and greenlight Dune part 2 right now. If the trailer is even close to what the movie delivers? I’ll want to see it. Hell, if it sucks, I’ll still watch the sequel.

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