Golf Club Wasteland – Everything about This Game Is Hilarious!

Let’s talk about Golf Club Wasteland. It’s a new video game that’s getting some pretty sweet reviews. People are digging it. Guess what? I wanna play!

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This looks fun and the soundtrack it pretty sweet too! Who doesn’t want to play golf in a post apocalyptic wasteland? Come on! All you have to do is wade through the insane levels of propaganda first. It’s hilarious!

Let’s start with the premise of the game: Climate change has destroyed the earth and all the rich people have moved to Mars. Okay…that’s fine. Pretty standard stuff. Then there’s little shots at capitalism and Trump in the background art. Ha! Whatever. There is such a strong “climate message” it almost takes away from the fun of the game. Almost. It just looks like a great time!

Here’s where things kind of take a turn. The game’s developers, Demagog Studios, appear to be for real with the rhetoric. We went to their website and found this little nugget: “We are a small studio that creates digital content for a generation that will live to witness the end times.”

Soooo…they are so convinced that these are the end times, they decided to devote themselves to video games. Oh! Not only video games, they also have TV shows in development. LOL! Because that’s what ya do in a climate crisis. You don’t go out and try to fix it by joining the Trillion Tree Initiative or inventing new technology to clean the ocean. Nope. You develop video games and TV shows! LMAO! “You guys! The planet is in pain! We have to do something! Let’s invent a new green energy!” “…Yeah…we’ll leave that to others, we’re Demagog Studios. We’re gonna line our pockets with our video game money instead.”

It’s hilarious! That’s capitalism baby! Get rich by selling fear-based entertainment. We tip our caps to ya. Well done.

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