Cloak & Dagger: Simona Mangiante & a New Spy Novel

So what do you think about a brand new spy character in a brand new novel? Better yet, what if the character would be based on fashion designer and actress Simona Mangiante? Well, Simona and I are working on this very idea even as I write this.

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Of course, I’m not literally working on the idea even as I write this. After all, I can’t write two separate things at the same time. But you get the drift. We’re writing a novel featuring a beautiful spy who travels overseas to solve a problem. Trouble is, that problem keeps growing over time. So will she be able to stop the bad guys before it’s too late? Stay tuned–and be prepared for espionage, counterespionage, disguises, action, and thrills.

Work on the spy novel is in the earliest of stages right now. But keep following The Loftus Party. I’ll keep you up-to-date as it progresses. It’s gonna be fun!

And in the mean time, check out some of my other work–including my really short and really fun story, “Thor vs. the Valkyries!”

Top Image: Retouched photo from Simona Mangiante’s Instagram account.

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