Jasmine Lingerie Slo-Mo & 4k Because It’s Better That Way

Hell, yeah, we’re showing you this fantastic clip of Jasmine Lingerie in slo-mo and 4k. It feels like that’s going to be the best viewing experience.

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Now, of course, we have to give it up to Jasmine Lingerie for bringing their best to the world of lingerie. Based in Russia? Yup. Worth the trip? Again, yes. We are digging all of these.

Just a side note about the clip. Yes, the fashion is fantastic, but we’re also fans of the story inside the story. Big shoutout to the lady in the maroon tracksuit in the background. She just wants to buy a bra when a fashion show breaks out. By the second model, she isn’t even looking anymore.

God bless ya, lady. You’re made of sterner stuff than us.

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