Drunk Nancy Wants to Spend!

Let’s imagine a drunk Nancy Pelosi explaining the newest spending bill. Better yet, let’s watch a video with comedian Michael Loftus as drunk Nancy!

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Come on! It’s a funny way to make fun of this crazy “infrastructure” bill they want to pass without knowing what the CBO score is! It’s like Nancy wants us all to sign up for a new credit card that we don’t need or want.

The Loftus Party finds it all hilarious.

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4 comments on “Drunk Nancy Wants to Spend!

  1. Pamela Antosiak says:

    Oh please oh please keep appearing on Gutfeld! You are hilarious and it is a treat when y’all start bouncing off each other. I balance out the Universe for you lol. I am always accused of OVER-dressing ?. That video with you as Pelosi omg ??? although it makes as much sense as she does…?. And you really did say “it made something wink in my underwear”. Watched it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything because when you said that I had a mouthful of coffee. It wasn’t pretty ?. Carry on! ❤️ Love & appreciation, Nurse Pam

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Yay! You’re awesome! Thanks for being here! It’s always a blast being on Greg’s show. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. suds says:

    Hey Pams here. hi pam. im not a sexy heathen, but i do like to watch them get drunk…. anyway. i reckon ol nance is so devoid of anything we would call moisture, she needs to keep tipping the glass to keep from blowing away…. in other words,, theyd dig ice cubes out of a Saharan sand dune before they found anything close to resembling dampness between this prunes _________________(?) (filling in your insult of choice is more fun) in case im not being clear, this Bride of Frankentard is so dried up, the Hubble just found a black hole in her __________________(?) and named it _______________(?)
    anyway again,,, hows your locals community?
    mine is
    https://thatsinfotainment.locals.com ill post some inappropriate and tasteless memes to blackmail you with later… (ive got pictures)
    by the whats your secret identity on the gutter? really, i wont tell anyone….

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Oddly enough I don’t subscribe to the gutter. I follow on Locals as the loftus party, but not a sub on the gutter.

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