‘Moon Knight’ Teaser: Dark, Spooky & We Want More

That was an effective trailer. The teaser for Marvel’s Moon Knight did not disappoint. We got plenty of dark, spooky, creepy vibes and that is all good. Now just how much of that feel will survive the Disney machine remains to be seen. Let’s hope ALL of it.

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If Disney Plus wants to be a legit streaming service they are going to HAVE TO offer up some more shows for adults. They don’t have to go hard R, but they legit have to do something edgier than PG. Ya feel me? Netflix and Amazon have it all. Disney has…well…Disney. Time for the House of Mouse to dip their toe in the grown up water. They can do that with Moon Knight.

Take a shot. Let’s get weird. Oscar Isaac is letting it rip with his accent (which we didn’t hate by the way) and Marvel could use some edge too. All their shows have been way too cartoony lately anyway. So let’s hope Moon Knight doesn’t pull a Hawkeye and become a sitcom. Come on, Moon Knight, you can do it!

The 6-part series comes to Disney Plus in 2022.

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