Mike Baron’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ One of Many New Tales!

Author Mike Baron has exceeded his crowdfunding goals for the graphic novel Thin Blue Line. Indeed, he more than doubled his $8,000 target. And while this is one of his more high-profile projects, it is far from the only work-in-progress. The Loftus Party asked him a few questions about his forthcoming fiction and he revealed he’s working on plenty of other tales—several novels and one graphic novel he describes as featuring “the anti-Captain America.”

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The Loftus Party: What’s Thin Blue Line about, what motivated you to write it, who else is working on it, and has the crowdfunding campaign for the graphic novel exceeded your expectations?

Mike Baron: Thin Blue Line is about two police officers trying to survive a night of riots in a Midwestern city. I was watching television last summer like everybody else. Night after night. City after city in flames, mobs of rioters rampaging through the streets, thousands of small businesses destroyed, dozens murdered, and the media standing out front saying, “these mostly peaceful protests…” Duly elected parasites issuing calls for defunding the police. From elected officials. People who never wonder where their next paycheck is coming from and enjoy private security details.

You’re either for the rule of law or you’re not.

This is the stuff of high drama but nobody would touch it. I wrote the story. It clicks and pops like a good story should. I asked Joe Arnold, a full time police officer, to draw it. I’ve known Joe a long time, since before he became a cop. Jeff Slemons inked, and Chris Braly agreed to run the campaign.

We’re happy with the crowdfunding so far. It’s a hard sell. Out here in #comicsgate land, the big sellers are superheroes, horror, and sci fi. Slice of life crime drama is different. Once people read the book, they’re going to say holy shit. What a story.

TLP: Back in October, you wrote on Substack that you’re currently working on three novels: Far Horizon, Kahn, and a new Nexus novel. What else can you tell us about them? Any plot details and potential publication dates?

MB: Far Horizon is a military sci-fi adventure I’m writing with Major Diggs Brown, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. It’s about a power struggle a thousand years in the future between competing planetary empires, over one planet.

The new Nexus novel is about two thirds finished, and deals with Nexus going after triplets who have been kidnapped and separated due to their telepathic abilities.

Baron’s first Nexus novel.

Biker #9, Khan, is about a seven hundred pound Siberian tiger who goes missing. The Wild Life Initiative hires Josh to find Khan and bring him back.

I dragged ass on these books all summer due to other commitments and goofing around, but now I’m back in the saddle and I hope to have first drafts of all three finished by the end of the year.

TLP: Have resources such as crowdfunding and Substack finally given creators a substantial edge against traditional publishers and publishing outlets that, up until now, could cancel them and destroy their careers if they didn’t bow to the woke mob?

MB: Yes. It’s very exciting. There are a lot of us out here.

TLP: Are there any other projects you’re working on or projects you plan to jump into after you finish with your current in-progress work?

MB: I have written a 48 pp GN, Private America. It is the anti-Captain America. Gerry Kissell and Richard Bonk will illustrate, but we don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet. Probably crowdfund. It’s pure poison regarding established publishers. Pat Broderick and I are working on a Western. It’s the best work of Pat’s career.

TLP: Where are the best places where readers can follow you online now and purchase your books?

MB: If you just go to Amazon and type in Mike Baron, all sorts of stuff pops up!

Top Image: Excerpt of ‘Thin Blue Line’ artwork.

Mike Baron’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ One of Many New Tales!

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