We Have Questions about the 12 Things You Should Never Put in Your Vagina

The Daily Star did a story on 12 things you should never put in your vagina. So, of course, I read it. Come on. With a headline like that? I’m gonna click. Here’s a couple takeaways if you will.

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First? This is very short list. Only 12? I bet I could think of at least 50 without even breaking a sweat. Here’s a couple of items that were on the list that made go hmmm….

Sharp Objects: Okay. Makes sense. Is that a problem, ladies? Are ya using the sharp objects in your hoo-haw a lot? Did this need to be said out loud?

Whipped Cream: Yup. It’s on the list as well as chocolate syrup. That one made me a little sad. Bummer. Oh, well. I have thoughts on this but will save them for another day. Yay!

Tea Tree Oil: WTF? Tea tree oil? Just don’t. Why would you do that? Again, is this thing? Is anyone doing that? Might as well tell people not to put Vicks VapoRub up there. That’s not on the list but it probably should be.

Last surprise list maker?

Electric Toothbrushes: We get it. Those things vibrate like cray cray and ya like it. Sweet! But they don’t want ’em going inside. So, here’s an idea: buy a vibrator! I’ve never understood the whole electric toothbrush masturbation thing. Are you just too cheap to buy a sex toy? Is it a money thing? Are you tickling the taco and also thinking about the cash you’re saving? Is that part of it? Are the toothbrush orgasms a little more powerful cause you’re being frugal? Do yourselves a favor, ladies, spend the money. Buy the tool for the job. You’ll be glad you did.

Here’s the rest of the list.

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