Hollywood Is Making Snow White Woke but Anyone Can Un-Woke-ify Her

Snow White is the latest piece of American culture that Hollywood promises to redefine with wokeness. But instead of complaining about it, people could instead choose to reciprocate by redefining Snow White, and other tales, in the service of truth and goodness.

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On Dec. 15, Bounding into Comics reported that, “Rachel Zegler Hints At Radical-Left Feminism In Disney’s Upcoming Snow White Live-Action Film.” (Zegler is set to portray the titular character.) On the same day, Hollywood in Toto published, “Hollywood Ignores Woke Bombs, Keeps Pushing Activist Agenda – Upcoming ‘Snow White’ will be woke … and the next James Bond, too?”.

No surprises here. This is exactly what everyone should expect from Hollywood by now—from all in the legacy entertainment industry. Indeed, Hollywood can do nothing else at this point. And that’s why we also see other headlines such as, “The CW Is Developing A Jane Austen Anthology Series Set ‘In Our Time Of Inequality And Disconnection’.” And why we read stuff like this:

Nineteen students at the University of Iowa have signed a Hollywood film deal for their remake of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, which the students deemed “too white.” The students remade the classic novel’s main character, Jay Gatsby, as a black, lesbian art dealer.

But instead of whining about it and doing nothing (which is what conservatives and libertarians do), people can reciprocate (something I’ve previously discussed). For instance, below is a summary of an idea for how I’d re-imagine Snow White.

A young woman, Snow White, rejects the advances of the evil queen ruling the land. Enraged, the queen vows to hunt down Snow White with the help of her wicked female nobles. Now, Snow White must depend on the strength and courage of the Christian men who come to her aid.

And like Snow White, there are many other public domain characters, stories, and historical figures that one could re-imagine in a similar manner.

  • Jane Austen Unbound: An anthology series that retells Austen’s classics. Set in our time, where the ruling class hates whites, men, and all that is good.
  • Sappho: A Love Story: Sappho discovers true love with a man in ancient Greece.
  • Mulan: Retells the Chinese story by setting it in colonial America. Mulan is an English girl who helps the American Revolution by staying at home and minding the hearth.
  • Frankenstein: A retelling of the classic story through the perspective that Mary Shelley subconsciously wrote the tale as an allegory for female frailty and jealousy of the achievements of men throughout history.
  • Emily Dickinson: A biographical tale of the poet that explores how she regrets challenging the norms of society, the role of the sexes, and the importance of family.

The possibilities are endless.

So keep ignoring the trash that Hollywood is cranking out. Instead, people can make Snow White un-woke, and can redefine everything else towards that which is right and good.

Hollywood Is Making Snow White Woke but Anyone Can Un-Woke-ify Her

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