Social Media Cracks Down on Mike Baron’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ Graphic Novel

On Jan. 24, Bleeding Fool reported on how social media has cracked down on attempts to promote Mike Baron’s pro-cop Thin Blue Line graphic novel. It’s one of the latest examples of people running into trouble with social media platforms.

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Extreme leftists run social media. So it is no surprise when someone who runs afoul of leftist ideology also runs afoul of social media companies. Jamison Ashely explains in his Bleeding Fool post what happened when Chris Braly (the Bleeding Fool editor in chief who is also running the two crowdfunding campaigns for Thin Blue Line) attempted to promote the graphic novel on Reddit (emphasis in the original).

But remarkably, much like a similar promotional post about his Florida Man graphic novel was banned from Reddit back in 2020, when the campaign manager cross-posted a link to an article about Thin Blue Line from over on the Geeks & Gamers subreddit, the post was banned by an anonymous moderator. Their reasoning? “Misinformation and racism.”

Thin Blue Line ran into similar troubles with Facebook / Meta (emphasis in the original).

This censorship follows a similar back and forth the team experienced with Facebook Meta. Over the weekend, the social media giant rejected their advertisements for the book. Facebook’s approval team would not permit the ad below because they determined it promoted “sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion.” When the creative team tried to appeal Facebook’s decision, it was rejected it a second time.

Despite this, the team is doing very well with their dual crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. As of the time of writing this, the Indiegogo campaign (currently in “indemand” status) has raised over $69,000. And the Kickstarter campaign (which ends in three days) has raised over $42,000.

So head over to either of the campaigns and contribute if you want to help them. And be sure to check out the below video from author Jon Del Arroz. In addition to talking about Thin Blue Line, he mentions other comic books / graphic novels that are pushing back against woke culture.

Again, Mike Baron is the author of Thin Blue Line. But he’s not the only one working on the graphic novel. Active duty police officer Joseph Arnold is handling the pencils and layouts. Jeff Slemons is doing the finishes and inks, Ichsan Ansori is handling the colors) and Warren Montgomery is doing the lettering.

Top Image by Sergio Cariello.

Social Media Cracks Down on Mike Baron’s ‘Thin Blue Line’ Graphic Novel

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