Wait… Wut? Secret Bio Labs in Ukraine? We Have So Many Questions.

So, this seems like a big deal. On his show last night, Tucker Carlson devoted his monologue to U.S. funded bio labs in Ukraine. Yup. You read that right. As if that weren’t cause enough for concern, the stories coming out (or rather the apparent spin) just aren’t adding up.

Supposedly the U.S position is ‘we’re just trying to clean them up’ but they been ‘cleaning for a long ass time. Since 2005? WTF? Then there’s the lab in Odessa. Then there’s the media repeating the talking points from the Pentagon. That it’s all Russian propaganda Talking points that don’t hold up under any kind of legit scrutiny. Aren’t you curious to get the truth? I know I am. Shouldn’t the media be?

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