NYT’s Report Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop. Just In Time For 2020 Election… Oops!

Here it is folks. According to a report published in the New York Times, the Hunter Biden laptop is legit. We’ll post a link to the story below. But hey! Look at that! The story that got squashed by big tech and social media platforms; the story that got the New York Post suspended from twitter is for real. Yup. The contents of the laptop, the shady business dealings, the emails. The absolute bombshell of a story that broke right before the 2020 election is now recognized by the New York Times.

So, to all you kids out there who posted the story, only to be met with a chorus of “That’s Russian Disinformation!” We were right. We were correct the whole time. How about that? It’s little consolation now though. The Election has come and gone. The story that could have changed the outcome was effectively killed by the powers that be. That is, as they say, fucked up. Big tech and legacy media again meddled in our nations elections. It’s beyond disgusting. It’s actually scary. Very scary.

This isn’t an ‘oopsie’ and we all know it. And for all the shouts of “Democracy Dies In Darkness” I agree. It does. And it was you who turned out the lights.

How about we investigate the contents of this laptop? Huh? Can we do that now? If Hunter and his daddy are involved in criminal activity, we should probably know about it. Especially if it has to do with the Ukraine. I kind of remember the Ukraine being in the news lately. https://nypost.com/2022/03/17/hunter-bidens-infamous-laptop-confirmed-in-new-york-times-report/

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