When Mainstream Comedy Had a Backbone

One thing comedy writers through the ages understood was the notion that every adult on the planet, no matter how powerful, left leaning or right leaning, deserves to have their more extreme actions and opinions spoofed.

However, absurd situations were absurd situations, and the overreach of gender ideology has certainly become absurd. I am not poking fun at every individual who identifies as gay or trans. It is sad I even have to say that. Everyone is a nuanced minority of one, in my opinion. I do feel this notion that just because a person is part of that ever-growing indecipherable alphabet, they are off limits.

Currently, the classic (and prophetic) Monty Python clip from Life of Brian is once again circulating the social media sphere. For those who forgot about it, we all learned about “the right” to do even what is biologically impossible:

Keep in mind, Monty Python even had an openly gay member (Graham Chapman), but they all knew a good laugh when they saw it. This is how comedy should work. If it is over the top, let be humor fodder.

There are other examples along the same subject that might have a hard time getting some airplay today.

Helga, the East-German Swimmer

Joe Piscopo bulked up in the mid-80s and did some ads for Miller Lite. He portrayed a number of characters, but his buff swimmer was an equal opportunity offender. This was more of a jab on East Europe than cross-dressing, but is seems eerily close to a couple of women swimmers today.

Back then, Bud Light and Miller Lite fell under the same ownership, so it may be likely Helga and the gang were just trying to con their way into the “Ladies Night” beer specials, just like these lovely gals:

Phil Hartman’s Girl Crazy Obstetrician

I think most rational folk of any persuasion or political leaning, know the problem isn’t adults making decisions for themselves, but dragging very young children into things they don’t need to be involved in. This is just one of the reasons why the gender-blocker debate has gotten so horribly disturbing. Let kids be kids, and leave these decisions for the future. I wonder what the late Phil Hartman would think about doctor’s today after portraying this disturbing dude:

You know what the real funny thing about this is? None of these topics are in the least bit taboo in the entertainment world…but making fun of them is.

Thank goodness for the bad boys at South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, for their more recent look at those using the “transgender” identity for men to bully their way into women’s sports. No matter the topic, when any ideology from politics to personal identity is taken to extreme levels, it deserves some ribbing. Yes, it can be offensive. I don’t always like South Park, but the beauty of freedom is you don’t have to watch it . When they are right, thought, they are 100 percent right.

Modern mainstream comedy may not always have a backbone today, but at least South Park still has massive….funny bones.

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