What’s Chapping My Ass (opinion)

It is high time for another edition of ‘what’s chapping my ass’. There’s just so much bullshit out there right now. A dude needs to vent a bit. Let’ begin, shall we?

You can still wear a mask if you want, dipshits. Yes, the mask mandate for airlines went bye bye. But guess what? You can still wear one if you feel so damn ‘unsafe’. Okay? But honestly, if you’re so scared why are you on plane?! Why?! If you really think the air will kill you, why are you outside flying around?

Disney fucked up and it bums me out. They decided to enter the world of politics and publicly declare their intentions to use ‘entertainment’ as a form of propaganda. They are going to teach your kids their views on sexuality and that’s that. They have an agenda. They said it out loud. So, bye bye Disney. Ya gotta go. I grew up on old school Disney. Loved it. But I’m sure some new company will be born out if the ashes of the house of mouse. The lesson here? Keep politics and sex out of children’s programming. It’s not difficult.

I care more about China and Covid than I do about the Ukraine. How many people are dead because of the China Virus? Are we supposed to forget that shit? It’s hard to believe the LACK of coverage. Is no one interested in why millions of people are dead? It’s insane?

I care more about America’s southern border than I do about Ukraine. I care more about Hunter’s laptop than I do about Ukraine. I care more about the kids who die of drug overdoses than I do about Ukraine. America has to return to being self-sufficient. End of story. I don’t want to rely on any other country for jack shit. That’s how trouble starts. Ukraine relied on other countries and look how that’s going? All Russia has to do is threaten to use nukes and it’s all over. Tada. That’s the harsh reality. Nukes do that. They give you leverage. That’s why it’s complete madness to let Iran get even one!

Whew. Feel a bit better now. America First. Leave the kids alone. And if your country kills millions of our citizens, you should get absolutely fucked up. Fucked up on a scale that’s hard to imagine.

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4 comments on “What’s Chapping My Ass (opinion)

  1. Jean Worlie says:

    I thank God for you Michael Loftus. You are one of the funniest man alive, And we so need to laugh right now in this time. My wise grandmother once said that everybody should be able to be teased a little bit and not be so sensitive. I love your Jean jacket, and I love that Greg Gutfeld teases you about it! Keep up the good work!!!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      You’re fantastic! Thanks for being here! I love my jean jacket too. Gonna get one for Greg. Then he’ll be converted into the ranks of the cool kids! LoL

  2. Paul Loftus says:

    Thanks Mike, always enjoy your humor and insight. You are the modern day Roy Rogers. I have to make it to the American first warehouse to see you perform. Thanks Paul Loftus.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      hey thanks man! you can always watch the show at ThatShowTonight.com too. just fyi. You’re obviously a super cool person. Judging by the name!

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