Dave Chappelle Attacked on stage. This is just the start.

Buckle up, America. Things are about to get dicey. Last night comedian Dave Chappelle was telling jokes at the Hollywood Bowl for a comedy festival, and he was attacked. The highlights of that previous sentence are ‘telling jokes” And “attacked”. Just in case you’re wondering. The attacker was taken into custody and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. In this case, a knife. Chappelle appears to have not been seriously harmed. This time. We say, this time, because I have a strong suspicion this is just the beginning of violent events like this.

The idea of a person attacking a comedian isn’t something knew. Now though? It seems to be getting popular. What’s worse? A growing segment of society seems to feel the violence is justified. They are fine with acts of physical violence because of their feelings. It’s insane. But that doesn’t change anything. While we are horrified, they feel justified.

Will Smith brought this all into the spotlight when he attacked Chris Rock in front of millions at the Oscars. A disturbingly large part of society defended Smith, saying he was just defending his wife’s honor or some such bullshit. Tada! There you have it. Someone made a joke, someone was offended and boom, an attack. Now you have Dave Chappelle. He’s been in ‘hot water’ with the trans community for jokes. Jokes! Now he was attacked and again people online are saying he had it coming.

As the ‘Woke’ part of America gets bolder, so will the attacks. ‘Woke’ seems to be a new religion of sorts. The rules are quite simple: Do what the ‘Woke’ want, or else. The ‘or else’ part includes, but isn’t limited to, losing your job, losing your business or being attacked for saying the wrong thing. It’s a kind of heresy in the new church of ‘Woke’ and won’t be tolerated. If you say the wrong thing, you must be evil, and evil must be crushed. That’s the mindset. For decades the Right has been vilified and compared to Nazis, deplorables, worse than Hitler, the list goes on and one. And nobody likes Nazis, right? It’s okay to punch a Nazi. Again, that’s the mindset. So, if Dave Chappelle says a certain joke? He must be part of that group or at least a sympathizer. So, some jack hole will show off his or her commitment to the cause of the church of woke and try to dole out a punishment.

How long with this go on? As long as we tolerate it. As long as corporations bend the knee to Woke ideology. As long as there is an emotional reward and justification for it. Comedians and public speakers better get ready. This won’t go away overnight. But it’s imperative the jokes continue. We cannot bend the knee and live in fear. Dave Chappelle is a hero. Chris Rock is a hero. We wish all people who love freedom of speech nothing but the best.

Below is a link to more coverage and video of the attack.


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