Consistent Problem for the GOP: RINO’s Wasting Our Money

This is getting super repetitive. It’s gone way past annoying. We’re talking about a very consistent problem for the GOP: Wasting money. Throwing their supposed conservative values to the side and writing huge checks with zero thoughts about the American people. Whether it’s a giant Omnibus bill, insane amounts of money for Afghanistan or the new one, Ukraine. These GOP ‘conservatives’ again and again seem to have no problems throwing our tax dollars away. That has to change. Once upon a time it would just be incredibly annoying. For decades people have complained about wasteful spending. This time is different.

America isn’t really hitting a lot of home runs lately. Lockdowns, Covid fears, supply chain issues, inflation, mountains of debt, an anemic economy, millions streaming across the border, plus a host of other issues are in play. It’s bad. If ever there was a time to tighten the purse strings, it’s right now. But here go the so-called conservatives spending billions on Ukraine while ignoring the plight of Americans.

Before you get your panties in a wad, yes, Ukraine should have our support. But there are limits. $40 billion dollars is beyond excessive. And much like the Covid Relief money, they can say it’s for blah, blah spending ‘exclusively’ but we all know the reality. Billions will just be gone. Missing. No one will know where it went. Just another spending mystery, never to be solved. It’s bullshit and it needs to stop. So, let’s say goodbye to the fake conservatives. They need to be primaried and voted out. Before it’s too late for us. The people whose taxes make all this wasteful spending possible.

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