Whiskey Business is talking with moms that rock & ‘Trashete’

Oh that wacky gang from the Whiskey Business podcast is at it again. They had a rockin’ good time with Amee Belwanzo who is part of TRASHETE, a band consisting of Amee and three other moms who write and play original music. Music being a huge part of her life since she was a kid, Amee talked about how the band started and has changed through the last decade and how it feels to be “back out there” doing what she loves and now shares with her daughter as well. Yeah…a 7yr. old who digs The Ramones? Cool, right? Enjoy this latest installment of Whiskey Business which also marks our 200th bottle on the podcast. We haven’t repeated one yet! At least we don’t think so. Hahaha!

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