Un-Woke: Great Books without the Nonsense

Tired of wokeness in your entertainment? Well, be tired no more! The Super Summer Book Sale is going on now through tomorrow! It’s your chance to find a great novel or story you can get lost in without far-left nonsense! Better yet, all titles are $0.99 or FREE!

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Dozens of titles (including my “Thor vs. the Valkyries”) in a bunch of different genres are available in the sale. You want sci-fi? There are a plethora of choices here. How about fantasy? Yep. Plenty to choose from too. And you can find alternate history books, horror, steampunk, superhero, women’s fiction, and more as well.

But you have to hurry if you want the premium price. The Super Summer Book Sale ends tomorrow!

Un-Woke: Great Books without the Nonsense
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Paul Hair is an author who writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. Follow him on Gab (PaulHair). His fascinating books are available at his Amazon Author Page. Help support him by purchasing one or more of his titles. https://www.amazon.com/Paul-Hair/e/B0034OTU50/

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