Three Random Reasons to Smile This Week

Monday greetings, everyone!

If you’re reading this post right now, you’re on social media (but you already knew that).This means, you’ve likely already shuffled through any number of arguments, hopeless rants of pending gloom, lying politicians pointing fingers at each other, and clueless celebrities thinking they are smarter than everyone else.

If that’s the case, then you need a “happy break.” This past week, I made a point to focus on some items intended only to make me smile. I’ve picked three favorites here, and hope whatever your coming week holds, you’ll take a moment to enjoy a bit of the only life we have:

NASA Space Bloopers

For some reason, packaged reels of mistakes, or bloopers from television series and movies tend to irritate me. The word “blooper” is even cringe-worthy. However, when it comes from astronauts, it is all of a sudden really cool. Some of these falls were apparently intentional, you know, for research and all. You might have seen these before, but I just discovered them. Finally, there is one skill I share with astronauts; falling on my face:

A Studio Ghibli Park is Coming

Japan has the best museums and theme parks. Not only do their Disney parks outshine ours in sheer design, but there are also great museums and attractions devoted to everything from Snoopy to Attack on Titan. In November, they are upping the ante with the opening of an official Studio Ghibli theme park. Simply called Ghibli Park, this beautiful, immersive homage to movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away will open in Aichi Expo Memorial Park in Central Japan. It won’t include rides, but rather walk through attractions. And, it looks amazing.

McDonalds is Bringing Back Halloween Buckets

Remember the cool, original plastic trick-or-treat buckets 1980s and 90s Happy Meals were served in during October? Those were pretty epic, and have become collector’s items for nostalgia lovers. The buckets were given different, designs over the years then went on hiatus. Well, this year, the buckets are expected to return Oct. 18-31 at McDonald’s. There hasn’t been an “official” announcement yet, but every pop culture blogger and site are already doing that for them. Apparently it was leaked from the internal calendar. Sure, scoff all you want. You know you want one.

There may still be many of you lamenting these little insignificant, isolated happenings won’t change all the bad things in the world in the long run. Fair enough, but as long as at least one of them gave you a moment to smile, they made the difference they needed.

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