Martha’s Vineyard Illegals embrace new American way by filing lawsuit against Desantis

They may have come from Venezuela but they’re certainly acting like Americans now. The Illegal Immigrants that were flown to Martha’s Vineyard by Florida Governor Ron Desantis are suing the Gov. for violating their Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment Rights. Huh… interesting. How about this? No. How about the lawyer who talked you into this is a fucking moron. What a gigantic waste of time.

This lawsuit is a real brain twister. A lawyer is claiming that the Illegal Aliens were tricked into going to Martha’s Vineyard by Desantis and co. Tricked. People who trekked all the way to America were tricked into going to one of the nicest spots in the U.S. That’s the lawsuit. Now when this gets thrown out of court, we would encourage the Illegals to file a suit against the lawyer who convinced them to file the original lawsuit. Let’s help them embrace the new American value system. You don’t enforce the laws in the books. You don’t have any sense of what wrong or right. You just continuously sue the people you don’t like. A never-ending barrage of legal bullshit until you get what you want. It’s the new American way! The Martha’s Vineyard illegals are already learning. Welcome aboard Amigos!

Here’s more on the story.

Desantis has consent forms though. Hilarious.

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