Report: Nord Stream pipeline damaged by ‘Deliberate Actions’. Who would do such a thing? (video)

This is crazy, to say the least. Here’s a report from Sky News about the Russia-Germany pipeline that now is spilling massive amounts of gas into the ocean and the atmosphere. It’s an environmental disaster. Now, we find out that the Polish Prime Minister is calling it an “Act of sabotage.” Wow! The Nord Stream pipeline was damaged by ‘deliberate actions’. Who would do such a thing. Seems like Putin would want that pipeline working for leverage against the countries relying on that energy. Would Ukraine blow it up? Do they even have the capabilities to do such a thing? Would the Biden administration, do it? Who stands to gain from such an environmental disaster?

Some are speculating the U.S. is behind the attack. Even going so far as to show clips of Biden saying some very ominous things about the pipelines lack of a future is certain events played out.

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