In a stunning display of common sense, Congressman wants audit of taxpayer dollars for Ukraine.

Hang on. This might come as a shock. Somebody in DC actually wants to know how US taxpayer dollars are being spent in Ukraine. What in the what!? This is common sense on a level we haven’t seen in quite a while. Someone who wants to know just how money is being spent? We’ll take it. Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky was on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night and said he wants an audit and inspector general investigation before Congress appropriated more money for Ukraine. Yes, please. Let’s do that.

Now before anyone gets their panties in a twist, let me say this: No one is cool with Russia invading Ukraine. We all want Ukraine to be its own country. Freedom. Borders. All that good stuff. With that being said, the idea of shoveling billions to Ukraine on a regular basis when you don’t know how the money is being spent is crazy. We all know that, right? We’re all familiar with the notion of corruption. We can conceive of unsavory characters who might feel compelled to take some money for themselves. This also may come as a shock, but it’s happened before. Yup. Probably more than twice. I would guess it happens every single time the US government starts cutting fat checks. That is why you want oversight. Senator Rand Paul tried and only got 11 other senators to support him. That’s what we would call a ‘Red Flag’. Now Rep. Thomas Massie is making his case. Good for him. Let’s hope common sense wins this one.

Here’s a link to Massie’s appearance on Tucker Carlson –

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