CBS verifies Biden laptop. Rumored to be almost ready to verify Allied Victory in WW2 & sinking of Titanic

CBS, fresh of their almost 22-hour self-imposed Twitter exile has taken the bold step of verifying the Hunter Biden Laptop. Yes, they move at lightning speed at CBS. It only took them a little over 2 years to verify the contents of the Biden computer. Hopefully they can also verify that the Allies won World War 2 and the sinking of the Titanic. It’s a laughably slow move on behalf of CBS. One might think they were taking their time with the Biden story. It’s funny how quick so many were to call the story Russian disinformation, yet it takes 2 years to get to the truth? Huh. That’s odd. What’s the upside to going so slow? Oh yeah. A couple of election cycles have gone by. A Presidental election and now the midterms. Funny how that works. We’re just glad the FBI isn’t dragging their feet as well. Oh yeah, that’s right. They are. The FBI has been investigating Hunter since 2018. LOL! (We have to add the LOL because it’s ridiculous)

So, now there is agreement on behalf of the majority of news outlets. The Biden laptop is very real. The contents are very real. The emails. The texts. The pics. All of it. Add this to eyewitness testimony and you have quite the compelling case that Joe Biden was lying when he said he wasn’t involved in Hunter’s businesses. Hmmm. Now let’s hope CBS and other news outlets will take a keen interest in what those businesses were. How they worked and just what were they selling? Access to the White House? How about the 10% to the big guy and the much bigger question of: Is Joe Biden compromised? How can he play hard ball with China when he is on the payroll? Let’s also hope it doesn’t take CBS an addition 2 years to get curious.

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