Facebook about to “Free the Nipple”?

According to a report in the Daily Mail, nipples might be coming to Facebook and Instagram sooner rather than later! The Oversight Board (Facebooks equivalent of the Kypton Science Council) has told Meta to “Free the Nipple!” Why? The reasoning is that it’s not inclusive. Not being able to show your nipples ‘impeded right to expression for women, trans and non-binary people’. Okay. Whatever. In lay terms we’ll take that as “if men can show their nipples, why can’t we?” It’s a pretty solid point. Although men’s nipples don’t do anything other than show the current air temperature and women’s nipples actually do that and more! So, let’s give credit to the ladies, telling the weather and feeding babies. Pretty awesome. Here’s where I landed on the whole “Free the nipple” thing. You wanna post pics of your boobs on social media? Go for it. I can question the ‘why?’ of it all till the end of time and it won’t change anything. I would just ask you not to get too terribly upset when people comment on your titties. That WILL happen if you post pictures on Instagram and Facebook. People give me grief about my haircut. So, don’t act surprised. And yes, I know nipples aren’t supposed to be sexual and that your whole point. Again, sorry but once you show anything to the internet, the people on the internet will judge. You know this going in. So, congrats to everyone who want’s billions of anonymous people to see your boobs. Your dream is about to come true. Show us your tits! If you want. But don’t get mad if you do. This was your choice.

Here’s a link to the story in Daily Mail

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