The Week in Memes

Let’s review this last week. We had the World Economic Forum, a Hockey player got in hot water for not wearing a Pride jersey, egg shortages for some reason, Greta Thunberg’s photo-op and the Biden classified documents debacle. So this week is kind of a grab bag.

First up, let’s talk about the World Economic Forum or as we normies call it “Lifestyles of the Rich and Evil”. This annual event gathers politicians, billionaires and celebrities who fly in on private jets, dine like royalty, rent $2,500 hookers and lecture us on embracing privation, eating vegetables and being moral good serfs.

Klaus Schwab – WEF bigwig and James Bond supervillain
At the Davos airport.

At the same time, Germans who collectively shot themselves in the foot to appease Greens ran very low on energy to do things like heat their homes and whatnot. So they gave coal a day pass until they could return to their green dreams.

And Greta Thunberg, the scowling face of disapproval at your need for energy was there to protest the necessary move to expand a coal mine.

Some say it was a photo-op
Others said, oh I don’t know, something?

Eggs prices are skyrocketing. Big Egg is price gouging according to all the smartest leftist economists, but we know the truth. The chickens have had it.

It’s gotten so bad that, and I’m not making this up, egg smuggling has become a thing.

This week also involved a made-for-TV drama when the Philadelphia Flyers had a “Pride Night” and one of the players, Ivan Provorov, refused to wear the Pride jersey during a pre-game skate. This would have been largely unremarkable but the sports media who seem to be more interested in every liberal cause more than, oh I don’t know sports, wept, wailed, gnashed their teeth and demanded Ivan’s punishment.

[ftr, your humble author supports gay marriage and fair treatment of LGBT persons and also would not have worn the jersey.]

Canadian Media this week
Wonder how many are hockey fans?

One thing for sure, the media is not representative of sports fans or even most moderate people. Provorov’s sin wasn’t that he “hated” the gays or “homophobia”. Nope, the unpardonable crime was not affirming the LGBT movement.

Moving on.

In the continuing saga of the Biden documents, more places are searched, more documents are revealed and talking heads are looking more foolish running defense for Biden. It’s different this time because reasons!

But we did learn that Joe loves his Corvette, which he keeps in the garage next to the classified documents
No problem dad, I’ll check the garage!

NOTE: Most of the memes are watermarked by their owners, but a couple of people don’t, so shout outs to Tweeters @DavarEchad and @HollyBriden for their contributions. You should follow them on Twitter if you do that kind of thing.

So you made it. Let’s look forward to another interesting week ahead. Until then…

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